Elkraps Thgiliwt

Elkraps Thgiliwt

Baby Elkraps Thgiliwt

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Librarian
Eyes Light pistachio
Mane Dark pistachio
Coat Pale, light grayish amber with light pistachio and moderate spring green streaks
Baby Elkraps Thgiliwt

Elkraps Thgiliwt (pronounced elk-raps th-gil-li-wit) is an alternate dimension's Twilight.


Early Life

Elkraps Thgiliwt was a really friendly pony in her youth, and had no interest in powerful magic or books whatsoever. However, when she performed a powerful spell and got her cutie mark, she fled to Ponyville and became a librarian at the Golden Oak Library.

Unlike Twilight Sparkle, Elkraps Thgiliwt never became a powerful alicorn princess.q



Elkraps Thgiliwt is a trusting pony. She is disorganized and a slob, and was always late and usually got 50% or less on her tests.



Elkraps Twilight never showed any interest in magic, but she had a powerful raw ability. When she performed a powerful spell as a filly, she earned her cutie mark.

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