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Emerald Fuze

Emerald Fuze

Kind Dragon Pony Hyrbid
Sex Female
Occupation Jewelry Maker
Eyes Green
Mane Purple and Light Green
Coat White with Green Hooves
Nicknames Emmi (By Gemini Only)
Relatives Spike (Father)
Rarity (Mother)
Gemini Sparkle (Younger Sister)
Emerald Fuze is the eldest daughter of Spike and Rarity and the sister of Gemini Sparkle.


Emerald Fuze is a very serious mare who takes no back sass. Emerald acts very proper arounnd most ponies, except her family.


Gemini Sparkle

Though Emerald acts very seriously, she is seen to act very normal around her younger sister who she loves dearly. Emerald cares deeply for her younger sister and helps Gemini though her blindness challenges often. Gemini is the only person able to give Emerald a nickname without her threatening her.

Apple Bud

Though Apple Bud is much younger than her, Emerald is quiet fond of Apple.


  • Emerald is much older than Apple Bud as she is the elder sister of Gemini Sparkle
  • Emerald is thought to be around 4-5 years older than her younger sister

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