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Logo of the Equestrian Conpiracy

"Equality and Justice for all of us" 

Equestrian Conspiracy motto


The Equestrian Conspiracy, or EC, is a crime organization focused on removing Princess Celestia from power and creating a whole new type of government. This new government would focus on equality for everyone and justice served properly, sort've like communism.  The Conspiracy was founded by Shadow Blade and hosts its Headquarters in the Baltimare Mountains.


Shadow Blade began to host the idea of a revolution, and he started to convince other ponies to think this way as well. He met Sky Strike and Thunder Sword, and together they began to train all who were willing to help the cause. Sky Strike sharpened their combat skills, while Thunder and Shadow focused on magic and intelligence training. The army rose to be soldiers experienced in combat and stategy, making them a dangerous force.  It is rumored that they are in control of the city of Baltimare.  The Conspiracy now waits for the right time to strike in order to take down Equestria.  The EC is the subject for a collection of fanfics known as the EC Tales.


Mortar Bricks and Daisy Fields were sent by Princess Celestia and Lord Anders, respectively, to spy on the EC. There they were reunited as a couple and realized that they would rather be with their son Maxx and live a normal life.  Shadow Blade found out and allowed them to stay hidden in the mountains because he is enemies with both Celestia and Anders.  But one night the couple realised that he wasn't letting them go unless they'd join the EC spy division. Using their spy techniques and skills they both made their escape back to Ponyville and happily re-united with their son Maxx.

Known Heads

  • Shadow Blade - Overall Leader and second-in-command of magic force.
  • Sky Strike - Second-in-command and General of the fighting force.
  • Thunder Sword - Third-in-command and Head of magic force.

Known Agents

Relations with other groups

The Enmity Organization

These groups are bitter rivals, each trying to take over Equestria, but for different reasons and with different approaches.  The EC is the smaller of the two, but they hold their own against Enmity.

The Steed Knights of the Chess Table

Sky Strike particularly hates this group because he was trying to be a part of it before he was jailed.  The Knights have not taken the EC as a major threat yet, which they are using to an advantage.  

The Seventh Sanctum

The Conspiracy dislikes the presence of the Sanctum in Equestria, and believe that the ponies are savages.  Their belief of their supremacy directly conflicts with the Conspiracy's belief of equality.

The Rebellion

Although they share a goal in eliminating the Sanctum, the two groups host different ideas of what would happen when the Sanctum is removed from Equestria.  They seldom work together, and only when the Sanctum is becoming a serious threat.

Lord Anders's army

Shadow and Lord Anders are serious enemies, and the EC looks to remove the threat of Anders interfering with their plans. They believe that his followers are a bunch of dim-witted hyenas and ponies, and think they can use strategy to deal with them.

The Defenders

This group is dedicated to stopping the EC, so they make sure to keep an eye on them at all times.  Shadow knows the threat of Silver Shield and his followers, and he doesn't want to underestimate their power.

The Order of the Dawn

Shadow just sees this group as another defense force of Equestria.  He thinks that he can overpower them through strategy and force.  It doesn't matter to him whether it is day or night, so long as Celestia is not on the throne.