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"Stop that right now!"

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"Oh. My. Gosh! This is so exciting! I get to meet a new friend! Are you excited? Cuz I am! Woo!"
—Eris Equinox
Eris Equinox

Eris Equinox ID

Kind Draconequus/Pony hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation Party planner
Eyes Vivid cobalt blue

Very light yellow (sclera)

Mane Moderate orchid
Coat Grayish heliotrope (main)

Light orchidish gray (back hooves)

Nicknames Eris, Equinox, Quinny, Double E, EE
Relatives Pinkie Pie (mother)

Discord (father)
Sweet Solstice (twin brother)
Maud Pie, Limestone Pie, and Marble Pie (aunts)
Gingerbread, Gem Blossom, Clover, and Surprise (cousins)

Magic Aura Brilliant fuchsia
Draconequus features Pale amaranth (inner ears)

Dark grayish scarlet (chest fluff)
Dark orchid (horns/talons)
Light fuchsia (lizard tail)
Light fuchsiaish gray (spines)

Cutie mark
Eris Equinox's Cutie Mark

A pink symbol of chaos with rainbow confetti

Voice TBA
Owner PastelKitty101

Eris Equinox is a grayish pink draconequus/pony hybrid born and raised in Ponyville. She is the daughter of Pinkie Pie and Discord. Her older twin brother is Sweet Solstice. Her aunts are Maud Pie, Limestone Pie, and Marble Pie and her cousins are Surprise, Gingerbread, Gem Blossom, and Clover. She works as a party planner like her mother. She is an Element of Hope and represents the Element of Joy.

Characteristics and Biography

Eris Equinox likes to plan parties and host her own parties like her mother. She's pretty good at planning parties, but most of the time ponies don't like going to it since they're afraid of her. She usually plans parties for her friends, however.

Eris Equinox can use chaotic magic using her talons and horns. She usually uses her magic either to cast spells or pull pranks on ponies.


Eris Equinox, like her mother, is very hyper and happy-go-lucky. She is unconcerned about what happens in the future and cares only cares about the present. She doesn't think of the consequences before she does things, however, thus making her impulsive.

Eris Equinox can be a bit mischievous at times, usually when pulling pranks on ponies. She likes to have fun and wants other ponies to have fun. Someponies think that's she's annoying due to the fact that she loves having fun. She is very extroverted and likes to make friends.

Hence her element, Eris Equinox likes to make ponies feel better by bringing them joy and making them smile. She likes to made bad situations look better by bringing the brighter side to things.


Eris Equinox is a grayish pink draconequus/pony hybrid with deep purple talons and medium long, curvy horns. She has a magenta, long wavy mane tied in pigtails. Her eyes are a light blue and has no pupils. Her scleras are light yellow. She has brown chest fluff and a pink lizard tail with light pink spines. She has a tuff of her magenta wavy mane on her tail. She wears blue hairties.


Jasper Ember Quartz




Gliding Wind


Pastel Sketch


Ambient Melody






Snowflake Obsidian



  • She was originally going to not have any magic, but it was changed.