Ewok is a Chihuahua and the pet of Jasper.



Ewok is a Chihuahua with a tan coat with a brown streak along his back, and sandy markings. Ewok in intelligent and can speak Russian.


Ewok was a gift from Aniju to Jasper to help calm him and bring out his maternal instincts. However Ewok being increbibly intelligent didn't need to be take care of. He can be seen often with Wishing Star and seem to understand her language much like Davey. Whenever Ivory visit the band Viver, Ewok likes to hang out with Momo.


  • Jasper named his puppy Ewok because the pup resembled the good Gremilin from the movie Gremilins, however Jasper confused the word Gremilin for Ewok. Jasper had never seen the movie Star Wars and only watch part of the Gremilins movie. He heard Dante and Aniju talk about the Ewoks, referring to the meerkat mob, and assumed those things he saw were Ewoks. And that was how Ewok got his name.
  • Despite both being dogs originall, only Davey became a pony while Ewok remained a chihuahua.

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