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Like the crystal kingdom, the faerie realm is an unknown place which inhabitants are an unknown type of pony: Fairy ponies. it's so mysterious, that only one alicorn knows about its existence and that alicorn is Princess Celestia herself. The faerie realm is a very weird place. Most ponies their live to be about at least 90 years old, and if some ponies are royal or have royal blood in them, they could even last longer than 90 years. Their magic is stronger, their life style is more sophisticated and more complex than any place in the world. Since the faerie realm has been so successful, so many evil ponies want to rule the realm. But no pony can get there, well, at least, no non-fairy pony can get there. But there are long lost stories that can get a non-fairy pony into the very magical realm. (Only if they are clever enough)

Non Fairy Ponies Who Have Solved the Stories

Princess Twilight Sparkle (and the Mane Six)

Princess Cadence & Shining Armor

Princess Celestia (though she already knew how to get there without the stories)

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