Fall Out
Fall Out
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Stay-at-home Mom
Eyes Pink
Mane Orange
Coat Green
Relatives Shadow Blade (son)

Switch Blade (husband)

Cutie mark
Radioactive Symbol
Owner User:Mynameistheodore83

"I...I...I......I don't know."

              - Fall Out, being nervous.


Fall Out is a green Earth Pony with pink eyes and an orange mane.  She is the mother of Shadow Blade, and the wife of Switch Blade.  She is always nervous that the worst things will happen when she's not looking.


Fall Out was born in Fillydelphia, but moved to Baltimare to live with her grandparents after her parents died in a fire caused by a nuclear plant malfuntion.  She met and later married a stallion named Switch Blade.  Together they had a son, whom they named Shadow.  Switch was unlucky in keeping a job, and eventually resorted to theft to support his family.  After he got caught, Fall ran away for fear of being caught herself.


Fall Out has been paranoid ever since her parents died.  She always fears that something terrible is going to happen.

She is especially scared of nuclear activity, the cause of her parents death.  Despite this, she has a radioactive symbol for a cutie mark.  She earned it for her unpredictability with friends and family.

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