Felicity Fierce
Kind Earth pony
Sex Mare
Eyes Light brilliant red and Light brilliant yellow
Mane Dark rose
Coat Very pale rose
Nicknames Fierce pony, Fely/Feli, Eli, The Pony with Fiercity, The Daredevil
Cutie mark
Three stars, Yellow, Green and Red
Owner User:Astralfleur
 Felicity Fierce is an earth pony from Saddle Arabia from her abroad. She resides in Ponyville.


From her name, 'Fierce', is her main personality/trait. But she has also others, she is rough, and tomboyish. She loves to race. Like race to the Canterlot, etc. 

She became fierce when her mother and her father died in a Pony War. They died since she was a filly, her brother is blind, so he died also when she was close to being a mare.

She was matured. She also dreams being a popular daredevil someday. 

Being A Daredevil

She was known being 'The Daredevil' around town. For being fierce, and always messing things up. Sometimes, she gets reported in Canterlot and warned not to mess their castle again. 

She has a tomboyish voice.


She grosses out when there is cheesy romantic novels.

Her enemies are the bullies.





Felicity as a filly.


Felicity asks Nadine why she is smiling.

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