Filius sole (strongest)

this is filius soles evilest form and his leg rings controll his mind and make him do bag things. he kills hes dad kindchord (ill do a page on him to) this is also the form whin he takes over twilight and makes her his slave. he is also teh ruller of all of north-south-wumbo world equestria, or as the cool kidz cal it noso-wumbo-we, and also the moon.

Filius sole (stronger)

this is the stronger form of filius. he is not the strongst or the weakest of the 3 forns he is just in the middle. he is nit as evil as the strongest form and not as kind as the weakest form.

Filius sole (weak)

this is the weakest form of filius sole. he has a crush on the sweat princess twil

well this is filius sole and he sun of the son ha lol that is what his name meens lolzor. dis not finished yeat

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