Finn MaCool is a Goldin Pony Scientist and a member of Ivory

Finn MacCool
Kind Goblin Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Scientist
Eyes Purple
Mane Green with a red stripe
Coat Green-grey
Owner Aniju Aura


Finn MacCool is grey Goblin Pony with curved horns and green hair, with a streak of red on the right side, under his green hair. He has a gem stuck in his chect that is cracked. Unlike other Goblin Ponies, Finn has dark rins around his eyes and on his chin.


Finn MacCool was the son of a scientist and a guard in the Goblin Empire, though Finn MacCool turned out to favor exploring and learning about “the worlds beyond the wall.” Finn MacCool still learned how to fight and defend himself and worked in the Goblin army being the son of a high ranking gaurd, however Finn MacCool discovered he liked learning rather than fighting. He left the guard to become a scientist and started to explore the cave systems the Goblin ponies lived in. It was against the rules to leave the kingdom, however once being a guard, Finn MacCool knew how to by pass this rule and avoid being caught. He wasn't interested in the Goblin Kingdom, but the world beyond. Finn MacCool started to explore the world above more frequently.

One day Finn MacCool was brutally attacked by Earth Pony farmers who were frighten by his appearance. Finn MacCool was able to get away and took shelther inside a farmer's barn. This took place shortly after the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot, making more ponies frighten of anything new or different. The farm was owned by an Unicorn family, rather than by Earth Ponies, and grew several healing plants. The Unicorn family were the local alchemy healers in the small town. The young daughter Unicorn named Diana found Finn MacCool and was able to held his wounds. She wasn't afraid of his appearance and being a healer, she had to help him.  Being the scientist that he was, Finn MacCool was interested in Diana's healing skills, because she knew more about the local plant life than himself. One day while out in the forest helping Diana gather more healing herbs, Finn MacCool enountered a pegasus named Bramley. He thought Finn MacCool was the coolest pony ever and instantly started to hang around him, much to Finn's annoyance.

When the Crystal Empire returned, Finn MacCool, Diana and Bramley headed to it's location so Finn could study the crystals and Diana could gather new herbs. There they met a Crystal Pony named Kangela and she joined their group, being bored with the harmony of the empire and was looking for adventure.


Pictures of Finn MacCool.


  • Finn MacCool is named after a meerkat who was the former dominant male of the Drie Doring Mob.

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