Fire Rage
I'll make you all medium rare
Kind Artificial Pegasus
Sex Male
Eyes Emerald green
Mane Red and yellow
Coat Dark orange
Nicknames FR
Relatives Currently none
Cutie mark
Owner User:Nick11rocker

Fire Rage

He is a unholy creature. He has only one goal in mind: Send Equesteria into eternal fire. He was made by the stupidity of a pony who wanted to see Celestia's rule fall. Fire Rage soon saw that he was being used and killed his creator with a pillar of fire.

Where is he now?

Fire Rage never stays in place for long. And he hasn't destoryed Equestira yet...or snything on that note. He never was taught how he could control his fire or how to summon it. The only time he can summon it is when he is in rage.

"What Have I Done?"

Here are some facts about him:

  • He likes cats and cats seem to swarm him whenever he's around.
  • He can't fly well, so he walks from place to place.
  • His eyes change from green to grey when he feels joy or happy.
  • He hates dogs and chickens.
  • He really doesn't care for other ponies feelings or if they're okay.

Some quotes:

  • I'll let it rain fire over the land.
  • Lets make you medium rare...that means two things.
  • Who's ths cute kitty?

He'll be around from time to time.

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