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Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Student
Artist (Part Time)
Police Officer (Dream Job)
Eyes Light Brilliant Azure
Mane Moderate Tangelo
Coat Pale Light Grayish Gamboge
Cutie mark
Ponysona Cutie Mark Flaire
Flaire is a female Pegasus pony artist and Lunaflaire's Ponysona. Please note that the traits of this pony are seriously based on me.


Flaire is very sweet, but can snap at time when she is under pressure, in trouble, guilty, or when someone messes with her friends. Flaire has a hot temper which she stuggles to control also. She is also terrible with jokes, like really bad at jokes. Flaire is seen to be very hyper due to her ADHD, but can hit a low point in sadness from her depression.

Her three siblings constantly annoy and make fun of her since she is the youngest.

Flaire loves Cop shows, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. She is also a fan of mythology and the Percy Jackson series.

Learning Disabilities

Flaire stuggles with serve learning disabilities, including processing issues and dislexia. Flaire's ADHD also takes a toll in school. Evenually Flaire finds a new learning style at school and learns to use her disabilities for better uses.


Breakthrough The Science Pony



Breakthrough is Flaire's oldest sibling. She is currently a scienctist and is usally seen with a messy bun in her hair.


Ginger is Flaire's second oldest sibling who recieved her name from the red hair she has. Ginger is an artist like her younger sister, but is shown to out shine Flaire frequetly. Ginger loves to make ponies laugh and smile.

Home Run

Home Run is Flaire's third oldest sibling and her only brother. Home Run is very skilled at many sports and a devoted christian.



Flaire and Absol are best friends. More TBA


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