Flaring Shadow
Flaring's new new look
"Well, well, well, you must be new here." -Flaring to Pixie Dust in the other world
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female/mare
Occupation Student of Twilight (formerly), Canterlot High Student in the human world, Bully
Eyes Light brilliant cyan
Mane Vivid crimson and Brilliant yellow
Coat Very light amber
Nicknames Flarin', Shadow
Relatives Sunset Shimmer
maigc aura Pale, light grayish chartreuse green
Cutie mark
Fire with dark flames and sparkles on the dark flames Shadow's cutie mark
Voice Rebecca Shoichet
Owner User: PandoraStar411

Flaring Shadow is the daughter of Sunset Shimmer and rival of the unicorn Pixie Dust.


She used to be a student of Princess Twilight. She stole Pandora's box and freed all of the seven deadliest sins out in the human world.

Pandora's Box

Flaring steals the box from her rival, Pixie-Dust but she accidentally opens Pandora's box and lets them out in the human world. She wants to control the deadly sins so she can rule the human world, but with the sins being accidentally free in that world, she goes on her own adventure to capture the sins.

Cutie mark history

Her cutie mark history is unknown but is deffinately related to her name.


She's very mean and insensitive. She loves to show her power and she isn't affraid to be very, very cruel to other people/ponies. But she doesn't like it when anybody or anypony gets in her way.

In Equestria Girls

In Canterlot High, she controls all of the students. She's crowned the Cold Winter Princess for the Winter Mask Ball every year. The principal/vice-principal don't even defy her. When the seven sins go into the human world though, Flaring gets frantic and tries to get them back together.


Sunset Shimmer: Flaring and Sunset have a rocky mother/daughter relationship. Since Sunset redeemed herself from her past action towards the people in Canterlot High, she's been doing good instead of evil. Sunset scolds her of Flaring's very bad attitude and insensitive ways. Sunset always wishes that she'll change, just the way she change.

Pixie Dust: Pixie and Flaring don't know each other that well but they know each other enough to hate each other. Since Pixie has always won over Twilight's favor. Flaring grew very very jealous.

Random Facts

  • She's mostly based on her mother: Sunset Shimmer
  • Both Sunset and Flaring have stolen something from rivals they hate

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