Flutter Fritz
Flutter Fritz self
Scared Flutter Fritz
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Hazel Dark Pink
Mane Dark Pink, and Red
Coat Pink
Relatives Thunder Breeze (Deceased Sister)
Cutie mark
Heart and Stars
Owner AngelinBlack424

Richtofen Water
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"I'm sorry, Siete. But i'm not helping with this. I'd like to keep my organs inside of me, not him."

-Flutter Fritz, Discussing her cowardly courage to Siete as he lectures her to help get rid of Pain.


Flutter Fritz is a shy and timid pegasus and cousin of Marisa Dempsey. Being extremely nervous in crowds, she mainly hides away in her house either reading stories or writing poems. Her left eye is blind, so most of the time she has trouble knowing which directions and ways to go with her other cousins. She respects each of the ponies in Ponyville, but just has a hard time socializing with them. Flutter Fritz never smiles, and has only smiled on rare occations and scenes of My Little Pony: Marisa Adventures.

Flutter Fritz is not a big fan of speech, so she cannot make that many friends as most ponies could. She enjoys being with Marisa most of the time when she visits, but acts obsessive during her visits (Constantly talks about the same thing) which is her skills at the Piano.

She is in a well loving relationship with Siete Marmamrae, whom Flutter now lives with.

Trading Card Caption

"If there is ever a gigantic dragon destroying Ponyville or even an overdue dentist appointment, you'll never see this scaredy pony around. Flutter Fritz gives out her shy emotion playing the piano and chatting with her boyfriend Siete. She may be shy, but this small pony won't tolerate her friends being hurt!"

Life Story

Flutter Fritz was first born in Canterlot by her parents, her father being a unicorn and her mother being a pegasus. When she grew up to be a teenager, she moved out into Ponyville after she had found out her cousins had lived there. By then, she moved into a small house near Marisas', and settled in. Once in a while she visits Marisa from time to time if in the mood, but mostly she enjoys being by herself in her house writing and playing the piano.


Base Credits

I Do highly understand that these pictures are bases that I use to make my pony character, and that if they are one of yours, I do give you much credit. Thank you for the base if it is what I used, and I ask for your biggest permission to use it. Thank you.

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