Flux Pony - Captured Historical Recording01:05

Flux Pony - Captured Historical Recording

It was thought that the existence of this pony was erased from all records of history that it had been through. That is until this footage had mysteriously appeared from an unknown source.

Flux pony 2

Flux Pony as seen in Second Life

Flux is a crossover pony featuring traits of a time travel theme.

Origin of Flux Pony:

Flux pony was the first pony character made for use within the virtual world Second Life by the avatar Mudslinger Ning.

Flux pony was designed from the following factors:

  • A lot of bronies were already going crazy over "Dr Whooves" (based on the Dr. Who series).
  • Mudslinger needed a more "unique" character.
  • Mudslinger already had made an add-on backpack for his secondlife cheetah - so the first version of Flux Pony was just a few quick modifications away...
Time pony

The first version of Flux Pony (before the upgrade)

fter Flux Pony was created - the time backpack was only a decoration and not yet functional. Some fellow pony avatars liked the idea and decided to take it to a new level and they created their own working version of the Flux backpack (Bigger & Better & 110% more awesome!). This then led to Flux Pony getting an upgrade for both functionality and appearance.

Flux Pony's behaviour:

Because Flux was created as a kind of crossover parody - anything involving this pony should not be taken seriously. Flux himself does not take many things seriously and may zip to another point in time if things get a little boring.

Sometimes when Flux is looking for interesting things to see and do he might occasionally be seen startling other ponies by zipping in and out of time right before their eyes...

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