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Forte Goldenrod

Primson Husband copy

Kind Earth
Sex Male
Occupation Musician
Eyes Blue
Mane Blond
Coat Peach
Nicknames Forte
Relatives Primson Gown (future wife)
Lori Hurricane (future sister-in-law)
Icicle Gown (future mother-in-law)
Cutie mark
Bass guitar cutie mark

Forte Goldenrod is an earth pony musican.


Forte Goldenrod is a street musician who one day bumps into Primson Gown. He recognized her from the magazine "Pony Perfect". He asks her if she is okay and awkwardly calls her beauitful, in return with Primson blushing. Forte then asks her if she would go out to dinner with her, and she agrees. The two soon fall in love and start dating.

Around the time where Primson started to get stressed with her work she had to end the relationship with Forte. Forte was depressed as he felt Primson was the only pony who loved him. Forte stood outside her house with his guitar and sang to her to help her coop with stress. Primson did find it helpful and soon realized how much she really love him and the two dated again.


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