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Kind Vampire Bat pony
Sex Female
Occupation Unknown
Eyes Brilliant Arctic Blue
Mane Dark Greyish Indigo

Brilliant Fuchsia

Coat Light sap greenish gray
Cutie mark
Voice Estelle
Owner User:.Kitsune

Frenzy is a hyper and aggressive Vampire bat pony that lives in the Everfree forest. Her current occupation is unknown.


Not much is known about Frenzy, but she was born in the Everfree forest along with a small family of bat ponies. She was the wildest of the group. But there was a strange illness that eliminated most bat ponies. Frenzy was the only one to survive. She currently lives alone.


Frenzy is very hyper and aggressive. She is passionate about the things she does. She can be nice.. if she wants.. Frenzy is very rough with others, and hurts them from playing to rough from time to time. This pony does not know the meaning of restraint.


Frenzy is a light green bat pony. Her mane is messy and long, being dark purple and bright pink if colour. Her eyes are a deep icy blue. Her wings, instead of being ordinary pegasus wings are large bat wings.

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