FANMADE Gentilumieux2

He is always gentile and kind,but he is shy and rarely talks to strangers

Gentli Lumineux

Gentil Luminuex and his pal
Normally,he's the most gentle pony

Gentil Lumineix Battleform
But when facing an enemy,he's a sword master(wait,that sword...:))

Kind Pegasus
Sex Stallion
Occupation Traveler


Hero(only in the legend)

Eyes Blue
Mane Black
Nicknames Luc

French boy

Joli rêve boy(beautiful dream boy)

Relatives Fluttershy(best friend)

Rarity(favorite designer)

Rainbow Dash(Teammate)

Selena the princess of the Breezies(Best Traveling pal)

Special power Power of Hope
Residence Ponyville(now)

His own cloud that can be anywhere in the world(Former)

Cutie mark
Cutie mark Gentil Lumineux

Lantern representing hope and dreams

Voice me
Owner user:Yannickl
Gentil Lumineux is a pagasus pony who has very misterious undiscovered power as strong as the rainbow power.He glows when he makes wishes!But he still has lots to learn to know how to control such power.

As his name,he is very gentle,kind and a little shy.He always puts others in the first,and he always has hope even in the wrost situation.That's why his cutie mark is a lantern that represents hope and dreams.

The defeated multi-leged Duyan

Defeated Duyan

The painting of Gentil Lumineux who defeated Duyan by striking his glow of hope into Duyan's dark eyes.

Not very long time ago,Duyan,a really dark multi-leged monster with one eye on his chest,one pony's hoofs and several spikes of dragon on the back,nearly conquered the entire Equestria.When all the other ponies lost hope,Gentil Lumineux still had it

And suddenly he glowed in the darkness like a wishing star, destroyed the darkness and imprisoned the evil Duyan into an infinitive light seau,where he can never escape as long as the world has hope and dreams.

Ponyville the home

He used to travel all around the world(not only Equestria) in the pagasus way(flying of course),maybe he wanted to find his real purpose and find some explantion about his power,but when he came to ponyville he decides to settle there for a few years,since the ponies there are very friendly and kind.

Quiet and kind pony

Gentil lumineux is a quiet and kind pony,he always thinks about others.His favorite hobby is of couse the tea 

FANMADE Gentilumieux under a wishing star

Gentil Lumineux and the tea party.He glows under the wishing star

party with somepony else...And..

  • He likes the movies that tell the storys about friendship and dreams
  • He travels all around Equestria and even out of Equestria,so he may be the first pony who knows the other continents
  • He is also a little into fashion,and he likes the designs of Rarity as anypony else
  • He loves the animals,but instead of keeping them in a cage and raising them,he'd like to see them live happily in the wild

Best Pal Forever

Gentil Luminuex and his pal

Best Pal Forever

When He met Selena the princess of the Breezies,They became the best pal forever,and travel and adventure together since then

"Mighty" hidden behind "Gentle"

Gentil Lumineix Battleform

My first one drawn in "Brushes"(an app) and in an all new style:)

Usually he's the most gentle and kind pony,but when facing an enemy,any gentleman can be mighty

About his design

I'd like him to be a gentle boy,who always helps the other,while very shy,and doesn't talk too much.His heart is also very kind and as pure as a crystal,only a pony has such a heart can have the holy power like his.

Romance picnic

It's time for a little romance.Cute,no;)?

About hand crafted art

I see so many digital arts on the net,I really enourage you to draw by your own hand or finger,from drawing to coloring all by hand.even though you can't draw very well.Please read my article to know more about why

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