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Giga Watts


Giga Watts


Unicorn Pony



Cutie Mark

1.21 Gigawatt Capacitor Symbol




Giga Watts is a smaller stallion with brown fur and silver-grey mane and tail. He seems to be particularly fond of wearing goggles (because they're less creepy then his actual eyes) and a lab coat. He's fond of the coat due to the idea of 'pockets.' He has a strange genetic disease which caused his pupils to be misshapen, giving them a more rectangular appearance. He has very little color to his eyes as well, what little there is being a dark grey that weaves away from his pupils like wire. His periphery vision is terrible, and has a quite literal case of tunnel vision going on all the time unless his goggles are on.


To be added later.

Other Info

Created on my first visit to Ponychan. The first thread I posted in was a game where you hit 'Random' on TV Tropes and ended up with a pony somehow representing that trope. I somehow ended up with a whole OC that represents 'Homemade Inventions.'

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