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"There's a world full of new things to discover out there and I want to be the first pony to see it all!"
—Gliding Wind
Gliding Wind

Gliding Wind New ID

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female (Genderfluid)
Occupation Explorer/Adventurer
Eyes Strong phthalo blue (left)

Pale phthalo blue (right)
Pale pink (right sclera)

Mane Very pale blue

Light brilliant blue

Coat Very light persian blue

Moderate blue
Brilliant red (scars)

Nicknames Glide, Glidy, Wind, Windy, GW
Relatives Shooting Star (younger sister)
Cutie mark
Gliding Wind Cutie Mark

A cloud with a wind trail

Voice Michaela Dietz
Owner PastelKitty101

Gliding Wind is a periwinkle pegasus from Coltrea. She currently lives in Cloudsdale in her own Cloud House. She is an adventurer and explorer similar to Daring Do. She is an Element of Hope and represents the Element of Courage.

Characteristics and Biography

Gliding Wind loves Adventure and discovering new things. She likes it because it's exciting and she usually goes by herself or with her friends. However, she suffers from Manic Depressive Disorder. She seems to have multiple mood swings and phases of mania and depression. Her most common phase is mania, but depression seems to be her worst. Despite this, she tries her best to be happy.

Gliding Wind, like Surprise, is a good flier. She loves flying and doing acrobatics.


Gliding Wind is usually very cocky and arrogant. She is also a bit snarky at times, so she is sharply critical. She doesn't mean to offend anyone, but sometimes ponies take her words too seriously.

Because of her adventurous nature, Gliding Wind has very reckless and risky nature. This makes her very impulsive at times. She is also very courageous, hence her element. She tries not to be affected by pain or danger, since she is very reckless.

As mentioned before, Gliding Wind has Manic Depression, so she has phases of mania and depression. This is also known as bipolar disorder.


Gliding Wind is a, mostly, periwinkle pegasus with blue tips of her wings. She has a messy mane and tail is very pale blue with blue markings. She has dark blue eyes, but her right eye is a milky blue due to it being blind. She has scars on her right eye, chest, and backlegs. Her eyes are shaped like unicorns and are slightly smaller and skinnier than other ponies. She also has Rainbow Dash eyelashes.

For her accessories, she has a very grayish dark blue choker and bracelet. She wears 2 ring piercings on both of her ears.


Jasper Ember Quartz




Pastel Sketch


Ambient Melody




Eris Equinox




Snowflake Obsidian



  • She was born on October 30th.
  • She got her scars from a Timberwolf attack.
  • She can't see through her right eye.