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Yo hi hello, just wanna let you know that Golden Bolt, belongs to This Lombax over here so please do not change anything about it without her permission. K thanks.

Golden Bolt


Kind Lombax Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Mechanic/Inventor
Eyes Dark apple green
Mane Light yellowish grey
Coat Brilliant amber
Brilliant tangelo stripes.
Nicknames Bolt
Relatives All deceased.
Facial features: Dark vermilion nose and eyebrows.
Cutie mark
Owner User:AbsolTheHiroPone
Golden Bolt is a Lombax pegasus pony who lives alone in Filidelphia. All her family were killed a long time ago, only she being able to escape. She now works as a respected mechanic and inventor in Equestria.



Bolt is hard working, and always gets a task done. While she takes pride in her work, she isn't one to brag about how good she is at it. She is relatively carefree, which can cause her to bite off more than she can chew when it comes to a task. Additionally, she is daring and because of this can be rather reckless, getting herself in to more trouble than her adventure is worth.


Bolt is a hybrid between a pony and a Lombax, having many Lombax features such as Lombax tail, ears, stripes, nose and coloured eyebrows. She has a pair of wings, however does not use them to fly like a normal pegasus pony would. Instead, she uses them to carry her wrench around and aid her in her work.

She wears some accessories, these being a metal cuff on her right hoof, with a red gem and circuit like detailing (inspired by Clank). A choker necklace, which is brown leather, with a metal clasp that has blue detailing and small rivets which attach the collar around her neck. Finally, she wears a brown aviator cap, and pulls a small section of her hair through it in to a ponytail.

Her mane is long and wavy with lots of volume, and there is a lighter patch of fur on her snout.



  • She is one of User:AbsolTheHiroPone's ponysonas, based on Ratchet The Lombax from the "Ratchet and Clank" game series.
  • She was originally designed by User:AuroraFlaky101, as a birthday present to Absol. Though some changes were made to her design.

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