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After the Empire was restored, the first ever Crystal Grand Galloping Gala was held there. The guests of honnor were the Elements Within .

Cloud Spark and the others are invites to The Grand Galloping Gala by the princess in Canterlot. Like the mane 6 they each had a priority.

Harth: To talk to Princess Cadence

Moon Dancer: To chat with ponies about Equestria

Cryla: To meet Photo Finish and show Photo her art

Feathermay: Though she despises him, she and Rainbow Blitz try to get Thunderlane and Cloud Spark to dance all night. When Rainbow Blitz asked Feathermay to dance, she accepted and falls in love with him.

K.B.: To meet Vinyl Scratch, her Idol

Cloud Spark: To catch up with Joe her brother but ends up dancing with Thunderlane.


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