Greenwing is an entirely green Pegasus Pony and makes his first appearance in The Darkest Day.

Greenwing Pony
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Animal Rescue
Eyes Blue Green
Mane Dark Green
Coat Mint Green
Cutie mark
Green Bat
Voice His Own
Owner Aniju Aura


Greenwing is a green coated Pegasus with a dark green main and blue green eyes. His Cutie Mark is a green bat, his favorite animal. Greenwing is a cautious, calm pony and a bit of a coward at times, but his bravery comes out more often that his likes when it comes to helping others. Greenwing has a passion for helping out animals and started an Animal Rescue and Hospitable. Greenwing works with the animals at the shelter.


Greenwing was born in Cloudsdale but his family moved to Ponyville before he started school. Greenwing made a few friends and has had an rather normal uneventful life. That is until Olly and took over Equestria. Greenwing was visiting the Canterlot for the summer Sun Celebration when Olly and his allies launched thier attack. Greenwing was captured at first and became one of Olly's minions. Later he was sent to capture and re-enforce Olly'a authority but was freed by Aniju. Greenwing remained with the main group and aided in their quest. After Olly left Equestria returned to normal and Greewing went back to his life in Ponyville.


  • Greenwing's name comes from the Silverwing TV series, in which an owl named Atlas commented to Brutus(another owl) that the owls have ground a group of greywings, which sounds like he said greenwings.