Happy Hill is a brown earth pony with a tri colored mane, all variants of brown.

Happy Hill

Her cutie mark is a paintbrush and red paint, put together in  a way that makes the symbol for infinity. Happy is a freelance artist in ponyvill, and works as hard as she can all the time to make a living, but there isn’t a lot of call for a painter, so she makes ends meet in between making painting and selling art by painting houses/fences/whatever needs to be done.

While a good artist, she still has a lot to learn, and sense she has no teacher, it’s all trial by fire. This may not be the best way to go, but it’s all she knows.

Happy Hill is a happy go lucky type of pony, as long as she has something to do that’s artsy she’s fine with the world. She tends to be pretty shy when she first meats someone, and will really only get better if a good conversation gets started. She has a bit of a confidence issue, but she gets past I to show her art, but with self-image it’s not  so easy.

she tends to work a lot on art and it gets a bit in the way of social things, but to help her not go stircrazy she has her best friends to pull her out and make her be social.

What also helps her is her special some-pony Shipwreck, the Pony Pirate.


Crown Hill-

Happy Hills father. He’s a hard working earth pony that does a lot of manual jobs, but his true dream is to make music for a living. but he has to take care of his family, so he has to wait for a time when he can.

Sequence Hill-

Sequence is Happy Hills younger sister, she’s a unicorn.

She is OBSESSED with comics, that’s all she’s ever wanted to do in life is draw comics for a living, she’s a lot more outgoing than happy, not to mention a tad bit more hyper.


Happy Hill has lived at the edge of Ponyvill all her life. When she was younger she was one of the 1st in her class to get a cutie mark, but she wasn’t even trying to find out who she was she was just doing what she loved to do most, draw and paint. She met her best friend by  accident really when she was playing near a stream, Blanche the Sea Pony. Nobody believed her when she told them about Blanche, but that’s ok. She just keeps Blanche to herself and waits for Blanche to visit from the sea.


Happy hill and her little sister Sequence.

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