Harmonic Gambit

Harmonic Gambit the Earth Pony.

Harmonic Gambit3d
3D Art of Harmonic.

Kind Earth
Sex Male
Eyes Amber-yellow
Mane Red with white highlights
Coat Grey
Nicknames Harmo, Harmony
Relatives Soprano Chord (Father), Moonlit Beat(Mother), Mythic Symphony (Sister),Blue Shuffle (Cousin)
Cutie mark
Harmonic Gambitscutie
Voice Lacunae the Goddess
Owner User:Lacunae the Goddess


Harmonic Gambit, born into a rich earth pony family from Canterlot who was socially awkward and only spoke to his family.

Colt Years and his first friend

During his young colt life he stayed away from others fear that they might outcast or beg him for his bits. He remained silent through Kindergarten. On occasion when his mother asked him why no one showed up to his birthday parties he didn't bother telling the truth. On occasion most of the fillies or colts would ask him to play tag with them at recess. He never quite answered them he just sat there looking at the ground trying not to make eye contact with them. He would also bring books to read or try to write about his day in his journal to make it look like he was busy and didn't want to be bothered but really he wanted friends just not for them to judge or ask him for bits. One day he saw a filly who was a unicorn being bullied because she didn't have her cutie mark and they were taking her bits and walked away as Harmonic witnessed he troted over to the now weeping filly and tried to comfort her. It occured to him that she was one of the fillies that had asked him to play tag. "It's alright. Do you need anymore bits?" He asked as he began to comfort the filly around his age. She nodded and Harmonic went through his bag and gave her about 10 bits back. She hugged him and thanked him. 

The next day the same filly kept coming to him and talking to him about what she was doing after school. He stopped reading and listened to her. "Oh that reminds me my name is Northern Spring. And you are Harmonic Gambit right?" Harmonic nodded his head confused how she knew his name, Was she in his class? Harmonic speaking up "You're in my class aren't you?" She gleefully announced yes and asked him if he would like to go to come over after school. He agreed but only for an hour or two. As he walked with her to her house she stopped and pointed out serveral of the stores she likes to look in the windows with gleaming eyes. Harmonic felt like he had accomplished one thing during Kindergarten those two days, And it was earn himself his first friend.

As they arrived at Spring's house she showed him all her toys in the backyard. They played hide and seek as well as flew her new kite. As the day grew darker Harmonic began to realize it was time for him to go home. They said their good-byes as he trotted home.

Earning his cutie mark

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