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Harth New ID

EQG Harth

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Crystal Shard Carrier
Eyes Hot Pink and Purple
Mane Hot Pink
Coat Light Pink
Residence Crystal Empire (Formally)


Age 1,000+ Years
Cutie mark
Harth Cutie Mark Updated
Voice Lucy Liu

Harth is a Crystal Pony from the Crystal Empire. Since she empire disappeared for 1,000 years she is much older.


Harth was born and raised in the Crystal Empire with her parents, two older brothers, and a pet duck. As a
Crystal Heart Shard Necklace

Harth's Shard of The Crystal Heart

foal, Harth was destined to be the shard carrier. Prior to her role, King Sombra was the shard carrier. Although many believe he was evil, Harth believes him to be a good crystal pony who was corrupted.


Harth has two different colored eyes along with a hot pink mane and a soft pink coat.

Her mane is styled with a small pony tail with a white hair tie. 


Cloud Spark

Cloud Spark is first shown to be very uncomfortable around Harth, as she is not use to her.


Cryla is very close to Harth as she is the only other Earth Pony within the friends.

Moon Dancer

Moon Dancer in very intrigued about Harth being a Crystal Pony. Otherwise she and Harth are often seen having fun.

Do You Know You Are My Very Best Friends?

Hazel first found Harth to be the most annoying pony in the world. When time went on, Hazel matured realizing she wasn't being annoying. The two are then on very good friends.


K.B is known to be Harth's "bail out" on events that ar boring to her. They are also good friends.


  • Harth was originally a 3 inch brushable Pinkie Pie that I made in to a terrible custom using sharpies
  • She was my original OC even though Cloud Spark is my main OC
  • Harth's Pokémon Trainer counterpart is Leia Chang


Harth Scared copy

Harth Image Gallery

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