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Havoc is the daughter of Princess Celestia and Discord. She is part of the TBA is the TBA of TBA.

Havoc Daystar

Havoc Daystar
Havoc Daystar

Kind Alicorn, Hybrid
Sex female
Eyes Magenta
Mane White with magenta and mint streaks
Coat Grey
Nicknames Havy
Relatives Princess Celestia(mother), Discord(father)
Cutie mark
Like Celestia's, but with darker colours
Owner Fynxfan



Havoc is the daughter of Celestia, an alicorn and a princess. She grew up without knowing her father. To the public, she was the daughter of Princess Celestia, and her father was kept a secret, even from the other princesses.


She lives together with her best friends in Manehattan.


Havoc has a grey coat, white mane with magenta and mint stripes and some gold a accessoires with magenta gems on them.


Her personality is similar to her mother's.



She is an alicorn princess, so her magic is pretty strong.


She has wings, so she can fly. She trained it for several years.


Pearl Onyx

Pearl is best friends with her.

Taiga Northwind

Taiga is one of her best friends

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