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Crystal Hazel

Hazel Filly

EQG Hazel New

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Dark Chartreuse Green
Mane Pale Light Grayish Amber
Coat Light Brilliant Gamboge
Relatives Athlea (Sister)
Wings Light Lime Greenish Gray and Moderate Orange
Cutie mark
Hazel Cutie Mark
Voice Christy Carlson Romano
Hazel is the sprit of the Virgo Sign and wields the element of bravery. 


Hazel is very outgoing and is not afraid to be loud. She can be cocky sometimes. Hazel is also a fan of Greek Mythology.


Cloud Spark


Do You Know You Are My Very Best Friends?

Moon Dancer

Moon Dancer and Hazel have a very normal relationship. Though sometimes Moon Dancer finds her to be ridiculous.


Hazel likes to get things done quickly which bothers Cryla. Cryla also sees that Hazel is very talented as encourages her to step outside her box.


Like Cryla, Hazel loves rocking out with K.B. and likes talking to her about her own life.

Lightning Shock


  • Hazel replaced Feathermay in my mane 6
  • Hazel's Pokémon Trainer counterpart is Hazel Griffen


Hazel Nervous

Hazel Image Gallery

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