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General Information

Name: Hazy Chase (duh)

Gender: Male

Color(s): grey-ish periwinkle-ish body w/ bright green hair and tail. Blue eyes

Attire: Amulet displaying the Elements of Harmony box

Type: Pegasus, Stallion


Hazy Chase's Current Design (Yeah, I'm working on the quality)

Alignment and Hobbies

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Hobbies: Travel, Flying, anything to do with history

Personality, Backstory, Cutie Mark, etc.

Hazy Chase, in general, is quite shy. He doesn't talk much, and is far from throwing parties. Despite this, he cares deeply for his friends to a ridiculous extent, even making rash (or just downright stupid) decisions to defend them. His general trust in ponies makes him quite gullible as well.


Like a lot of ponies, Hazy grew up in Ponyville with his parents. He didn't make friends much, and mostly cared of his and his immediate family's doings. After growing up, Hazy decided to move to cloudsdale, where he resides today.

Cutie Mark

"I don't really know; it just appeared here when I decided to move." -Hazy Chase

Signature Move

Every great flyer needs a signature move, right? (At least, that's what Hazy's read.) Well, Hazy developed one of his own, called the 'Color Swirl.' This is performed by flying in a tornado-like motion, which makes the colors in the swirl change for reasons Hazy prefers to keep disclosed.


Hazy's Signature Move: Freeze Frame

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