Heart Warm Dance

The cheerful and bubbly one!

Heart Warm Dance or "Heart" Is an optimistic unicorn and is a member of the Mane 6 of the Bellatrix Kingdom. She is also famous DJ with a stage name of "DJ-WH-O".


As Heart Warm Dance

Heart is a cheerful unicorn who loves music. Especially electronic music. She's obsessed (And I mean, really obsessed) with Cake. When she just hears the word, she'll go crazy and will start to drool. But aside from that, she's a very sweet and kind pony.




When she is DJ-WH-O is wilder and sassier. She speaks in a loud voice and loves to party. Overall, her persona as a DJ is brasher.


Her friends are Emerald Glimmer, Diamond Mint, Florabelle,Shooting Star and Minty Fresh.

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