HerpTheDerp Profile

The Blood Stallion Of Equestria. Equestrian Knights team leader and i his free time makes Music. Its mostly dubstep/electronic.

HerpTheDerp is a Pegasus. Adopted older Brother Of Derpy and Ditsy. He didnt recieve his cutie mark till he was of Mane6 age. When he did he found out he had the powere of the Blood Stallion,a myth, a warrior that could use lifeforce in order to aid him in his endeavors.


HerpTheDerp's parents were killed before King Sombra was banished and Derpy and Ditzy's parents found him and raised him as their own. He passed the Cloudsdale exam with flying colors. and lived in Manehattan for awhile before moving to Ponyville and met Runemaster and StormCaller and joined their Equestrian Knights group. They went to find Celestia's amulet and return it to her. While doing this they found out Discord and Queen Chrysalis have plotted together to take down Celestia and Luna and take the throne. After many hardships and retrieving the amulet. HerpTheDerp and his friends had to have a final battle with Discord and Queen Chrysalis. Due to HerpTheDerp recieving his cutie mark and gaining his ablility of The Blood Stallion they were able to defeat them and give Celestia back her amulet giving her full power.


Presently HerpTheDerp is still in the Equestrian Knights and has his cutie mark finally. He visits his sisters Derpy and Ditzy frequently and works on his music in his free time. Celestia deemed him The Blood Stallion and made the Equestrian Knights a special squad in the Equestrian Force.

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