Horrid Haze
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Horrid Haze


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Magic aura

Light Gray


Benjamin Diskin

"There is no pleasure without pain!"
—Horrid Haze, The Weeping Wraith

Horrid Haze, also known as the Weeping Wraith of the Bad Lands, is a dark mysterious creature living off of the Bad Lands. He could be the most powerful force in all of Equestria.


The humanoid concealed under a dark hooded robe (he stays faceless because we don't want to actually see a human on the show). His hands are brown with five long skinny fingers. He carries a sword on the right-side of his waist.


This sad creature is the embodiment of sorrow, fear, and misery. He went mad with the power, and he grew afraid of himself. So he hides himself away in the Bad Lands, away from the outside world.

One day, the Mane 6, Sir Sheath, and his friends got themselves in the Bad Lands and are trying to get out. While fighting for their lives, Horrid Haze saved them. After thanking him, they ask him to help them.

When they return to Equestria to fight a new evil, Horrid Haze decides to help, delivering critical damage to the enemy. After it when over, Haze return to the Bad Lands where he belong, knowing that he is less sad than he was before. The ponies declared Horrid Haze a friend and ally of Equestria.


For being a being of despair and tragedy, Horrid is moody and grieving. He is know for expressing negative emotions. Underneath that misery, lies a shred of goodness in him.


Haze is an expert swordsman and a gifted sorcerer. His powers include super strength, phasing through solid objects, durability, regeneration, super speed, sending energy waves from his sword (hitting only his enemies and not anything else), and shooting energy blasts from his hands. He mostly know spells that inflict pain and sadness.

He is so powerful, Discord, Queen Chrysalis...even Lord Anders would learn to fear him. He is immune to Discord's magic, and can drain a changeling's power by forcing them to feed off of his infinite negative emotions. Once this poor enchanter is on the loose, no force on world can stop him.


The old one human in equestria concept by asemd7-d4ps8z4

The Old One: Human in Equestria Concept by asemd7

Horrid Haze was inspired by a picture by asemd7. A faceless humanoid with magic powers depict a being with a dark history. This creature's sad nature constructed the idea that his emotions could make him stoppable. It would be so dangerous, he detaches himself from civilization, like the Incredible Hulk.

Other versions

Another depiction of Horrid Haze is introduce as a neutral antagonist. Horrid is a spirit of vengeance who delivers acts of judgement on those who cling to their flaws. He is an unstoppable force that will never be destroyed, and get to his victims, no matter what happens.

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