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Um.... What exactly are you doing?!?!
Instagram, is the property of Pandora!
The owner of this page will freak if you user her things with out her permission!
Unless you have permission from the fabulous Pandora, don't bother trying to use her things.



Kind Pegasus
Sex Genderless
Occupation Photographer
Nicknames Insta, grammie
Cutie mark
Instagram cutie mark
Instagram logo
Voice Raven Symone
Owner Pandora

Instagram is a webpony. She is also a famous photographer and represents the element of memories.




Instagram is a very motherly but kind and caring pony. She is always on the lookout for her peers and always checks on how they are doing. She also can baby others a lot but it's in her nature.


  • although Instagram is gender-less, Instagram is always referred to as a female

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