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Ixhelcan Ponies
Ixhelca scene
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Ixhelcan Ponies are a kind of unicorn ponies which inhabit the Ixhelca Empire. Ixhelcan Ponies are distinct from other unicorns by their very light and pale color schemes, and invisible magic auras.


The Ixhelcan Ponies are an ancient race of unicorns, living in the Ixhelca Empire and sharing their knowledge about magic with other creatures and ponies. It is said they created the Ixhelca Empire by using their powerful magic. The strongest pair of the Ixhelcan Ponies were chosen as leaders, forming the first generation of the royal family in the Ixhelca Empire.

The Ixhelcan Ponies have a long tradition with magically adding special gems into their horns in order to help them control their magic, which was advised by Princess Celestia to the first rulers of the Ixhelca Empire.

Lord Atronnus' reign

(Note: This story is not canon to Lord Atronnus)

Captured Ixhelcan Ponies

A pair of Ixhelcan Ponies captured by Lord Atronnus and forced to serve him.

At one point, a bitter Ixhelcan Pony revealed the location of the Ixhelca Empire to Lord Atronnus, who took over the empire and enslaved the Ixhelcan Ponies. The only Ixhelcan Pony who avoided being captured was Misty Morning, the captain of the Ixhelcan royal guard, who left to find help. Later, Misty returned to save the Ixhelcan Ponies from Lord Atronnus' rule, accompanied by the recently crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends ApplejackFluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity.

During Misty's battle with Lord Atronnus, the Ixhelcan Ponies' hope and wishes for the empire became stronger than ever. Their combined feelings powered the Unicharm, giving Misty Morning, Queen Harmonia, and Princess Lily the strength to defeat Lord Atronnus with their magic.


After the Ixhelca Empire is restored to its former glory, the Ixhelcan Ponies continues with their usual duties. Later, several Ixhelcan Ponies attends the ceremony honoring Misty Morning and the six ponies for saving the Ixhelca Empire from Lord Andros. Soon after, Queen Harmonia encounters her old friend, Princess Celestia, who agrees to reunite the Ixhelca Empire and the Ixhelcan Ponies with the rest of Equestria. Afterward, a group of guards called the "Equestrian-Ixhelcan Royal Guards" are formed, but most of the Ixhelcan Pony guards decides to stay and operate in the Ixhelca Empire.


Ixhelcan and Normal Pony Diff

Height difference between a normal pony and an Ixhelcan Pony. Showing the implanted gem in the Ixhelcan Ponies' horn.

Ixhelcan Ponies resemble regular unicorn ponies, but with very pale colored eyes, manes and tails, and light coats. They also age differently than other ponies.

Baby, school-age, and teenage Ixhelcan Ponies look similar to ordinary ponies, while most adult Ixhelcan Ponies have a body design similar to those of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. According to Princess Celestia, the Ixhelcan Ponies possess an immense amount of magical power. A few Ixhelcan Ponies are capable of reading others thoughts using a unique spell, except those possessing strong minds.

In addition to their pale features, unlike ordinary unicorns, the color on each of the Ixhelcan Ponies' magical auras are "invisible". However, when performing magic, their horns are shown to glow in a light bluish grey color.

Mana Burst

Mana Burst Harmonia12

Queen Harmonia using Mana Burst.

A fully grown Ixhelcan Pony, like Queen Harmonia, are able to perform a special magic ability called "Mana Burst". A surge of magical energy which imbues an Ixhelcan Pony with powerful magic after experiencing strong emotions, like deep anger and love. An Ixhelcan Pony's true aura color is shown briefly while using Mana Burst.


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