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Jade Redheart


Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation None
Eyes Luminous vivid spring green
Mane Luminous vivid red
Coat Light grey
Nicknames Red, Jade.
Cutie mark

A green jade in the shape of a heart with pink dripage.
Owner User:Absolzoey

Jade Redheart was an Earth Pony who lived in Trottingham. She is one of the only known casualties of the Canterlot Wedding Changeling invasion.



Jade was a hot-head. She always stood up for what she believed was right and never backed down. She questioned everything in life, including the reasoning behind the changeling invasion.


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Filly Years

Jade lived in Trottingham as a filly. She lived happily with her family. At school, she was a target for bullies just because she liked different things from what the other ponies liked.

One day, a filly named Jewel Demon stood up to the bullies, and told then her leave her, Jade and Xethon Skull alone. The three became close, and vowed that their friendship would never end.


Jade was accidentally killed during the Canterlot Wedding Changeling invasion. It was not to Chrysalis' plan to kill anypony, but a roge changeling changed all that hen Jade stood up to them. Out of anger the changeling killed her in a single shot of magic. Xethon or Jewel ever knew about her death. And are still to this day trying desperately to get hold of Jade.