June Gloom is a blue and grey Pegasus.

June Gloom
June Gloom Pony
"There silver like the sun."
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Silver Shield's Apprentice
Eyes Sky Blue
Mane Blue
Coat Grey
Relatives Pegasus Mother, Earth Pony Father and Snap Shot
Cutie mark
Silver-Lined Rain Cloud
Voice Her Own
Owner Aniju Aura


June Gloom is a young Pegasus that attends the same school as Tumble Step. She has a grey coat with blue hair and blue eyes. Unlike her name suggest June Gloom isn't anything but gloomy. She is a popular pony with many friends in her class. She is a skill flyer however, the only reason she didn't want to go to Flight School was because she didn't want to leave her friends. June Gloom likes to play with all her friends, Unicorn, Pegasus and Earth Pony alike in any activite and doesn't mind getting dirty in the process. She also seems to be the only pony in school who remembers Tumble Steps, often asking him if he would like the come and play, even though most of the time his answer is no.

After a little trianing with her mentor, June Gloom picks up the fighting skills she needs to defend herself. She can handle herself quite well and is know for her deadly bit. Once she sinks her teeth into something she won't let go, literally! June Gloom is also a little defiant but is obediant to a degree with her mentor. When given her silver bands, June Gloom questions the purpose of wearing them on her hind leg and prefers to wear them on her arm instead, later these were enchanted by Aniju to click together whenever Shadow Blade is near her.

She can see the good in any bad situation and can even turn things around for the better. When June Gloom gets older, she'll earn her Cutie Mark, a Rain Cloud with a silver-lining and rain drops showing that she can even make a rainy day a good thing.


June Gloom Pony Flying

June Gloom flying

June Gloom was born in Ponyville to a Pegasus mother and an Earth Pony father, her brother being a Unicorn named Snap Shot. She started to attend school when she was old enough but her mother feared she wouldn't learn about her Pegasus ways. However June Gloom refused to go to Flight School, considering she was already doing well with flying, because she didn't want to leave her friends. June Gloom is one of the most popular fillies in her class and she seems to be the only person who remembers to ask Tumble Step if he would like to play.

At some point June Gloom joins the The Defenders and becomes Silver Shield's appentice, however she wears the silver bracelets on her left forearm instead of her hind leg.


  • June Gloom name comes from the fog seen in the morning of June in California.
  • June Gloom and Tumble Step's relationship is base around two characters in the Silverwing trilogy.
  • The silver bracelets on her left arm repesents the silver bands that were placed on the bats in the Silverwing trilogy as well.