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Pony Info
Jungle Leaf
Jungle Leaf


Jungle Leaf





Cutie Mark

Two Palm fronds


The Rainy Rainforest


Jungle Leaf is an okapi from the Rainy Rainforest. He is dark brown with white stripes on his legs and rear and a pale face. He has red eyes. His cutie mark is two palm fronds.


Jungle Leaf was raised in the Jungle by both parents, who moved far away when he was old enough to take care of himself. Since then he has been living in a rainier part of Rainy Rainforest, with occaisonal excursions to Froggy-bottom bog and Pony plains. His best friend is Tiger Stripes.


Usually very grumpy, he doesn't like most other ponies and would rather be left alone. Despite this, he has managed to make a few friends and is usually a lot more likeable around them.


Tiger Stripes was first seen on the Zoo Tycoon forum Environ. A member named Acinonyx Jubatus created him.

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