Knuckle Cracker

Knuckle Cracker
Knuckle Cracker

Kind Earth
Sex Male
Occupation Inventor
Eyes Light Brilliant Tangelo
Mane Moderate tangelo
Coat Moderate Harlequin
Cutie mark
KC Cutie mark
Wrench and screwdriver
Owner Midna Adams
Article by User:Rossticus

Knuckle Cracker is a male Earth pony and an inventor in his native town of Ponyville.


Knuckle Cracker was born, and grew up in Ponyville.

As a colt, he felt restrained by his lack of wings and magic, which made him insecure among his Pegasi and Unicorn friends. With hopes of improving the capabilities of Earth ponies through mechanical means, Knuckle slowly developed an interest in studying technology and the celebrated inventors of Equestrian history.

As an adolescent, Knuckle Cracker became the apprentice of a Ponyville mechanic, who taught him the necessary skills to fix and develop devices. In his free time, he would be spontaneous and tinker with existing items in an attempt to find new purposes.

Through years of trial and error, Knuckle devised a small number of gadgets; however, he did not receive a cutie mark. With the eventual realization that his work should benefit every pony and not be exclusive to Earth ponies, Knuckle’s change of mindset enabled him to receive his cutie mark.

At present, Knuckle dedicates the bulk of his time to his personal projects and developments; though he still collaborates with his former mechanic master.

His claim to fame is his invention, the Aerochaussure; a set of four shoes which allows the user to walk among the Pegasi in the clouds without use of a spell. Though his invention is not widely popular, he is able to receive a steady income to fund his latest projects.

Behind the Scenes


Knuckle Cracker is a pinto horse, in which the horse bears a coat with an additional white color. Aside from the official character Pipsqueak, pintos are uncommon among canon and fandom.


Knuckle Cracker is an original character by Adam K. (also known as Midna Adams on social media). User:Rossticus received permission to develop the article.

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