Lady Goldyva
Lady Goldyva
Lady Goldyva
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Steed Knight of the Chess Table
Eyes Vivid Amber
Mane Luminous Vivid Gold
Coat Light Gold
Cutie mark
Large Red Heart with Gold Banner Element Clipart
Large Red Heart with Gold Banner
Voice Ashley Johnson
Owner User:Otherside86
Lady Goldyva was Sir Checkmate's student for the Steed Knight of the Chess Table, and teacher to Sir Squire and Sir Shroud.


Over a thousand years ago, Sir Checkmate has dubbed her "Lady Goldyva". Then she took 2 students of her own. One was Sir Squire, and the other was Sir Shroud. But Shroud did not believe in the knights' way of balance and maintaining peace, he only cared about the power that comes from his teacher's methods. He studied so many spells, that he was willing to study Dark Magic. He demonstrated his power by going rouge and become the "Black Magic Knight". He became so dangerous, the knights had no choice but to take him down. It took Sir Checkmate, Lady Goldyva, and Sir Squire to vanquish him. At the end of the battle at the mountain of Canterlot, he fell into an abyss. Learning from her mistake, Lady Goldyva's mind was at ease to know Squire is taking up the mantle.

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