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Lightning Shock

Lightning Shock wing

Lightning Shock Guard
Lightning Shock In His Guard Uniform

Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Royal Guard
Eyes Light Purple
Mane Blue and Yellow
Coat Green
Nicknames Lightning
Relatives Cloud Spark (Sister)
Star Dusk (Brother)
Lightning Dust (Mother)
Comet Tail (Father)
Rumbling Storm (Nephew)
Liberty Spark Niece
Cutie mark
Lightning Shock Cutie Mark
Owner lunaflaire
Lightning Shock is the deceased son of Lightning Dust and Comet Tail. He died saving Cloud Spark from a an early changling attack (Not Canterlot Wedding Attack, before around when the mane 6 received their cutie marks). Lightning Shock was also a Royal Guard (Hence Cloud Spark wanting to be one after he dies).


His coat color is a bit dark than Lightning Dust's and hair color is like Comet Tail's.


Lightning Shock was a very kind pony and very brave. He was also very adventurous like his mom and smart like his dad.


Cloud Spark

Lightning Shock is the deceased older brother of Cloud Spark. He and Cloud Spark were very close. He died saving her from a an early changling attack. Cloud Spark often tries to talk to him for advice though he isn't alive, but he has visited her in her dreams before.


After Lightning Shock returns from The Omega Dimesion, Hazel falls in love with him. Like before when Gold Heart and Star Dusk married, Cloud Spark wasn't okay with this at first, especially since Hazel was her best friend. On one occasion, Hazel takes advantage of a spell malfunction on Cloud Spark to finally go on a date with her Lightning Shock. Cloud Spark, who is still a filly, becomes enraged at Hazel for taking advangtage, but later sees how happy Lightning Shock is when he hangs out with Hazel.


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