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Lord Atronnus

A Lord Atronnus ID
Lord Atronnus

A Lord Atronnus shadow form ID
Lord Atronnus' shadow form

A Young Atronnus ID
Young Atronnus before finding the Element of Darkness

Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Conqueror
Leader of Lord Atronnus' army
Royal guard (formerly)
Eyes Moderate gold with very dark gold pupils
Mane Brilliant sapphire blue
Coat Very dark cerulean with brilliant persian blue stripes
Sapphire bluish gray (formerly)
Nicknames The Dark Pegasus, Sir Atronnus
Relatives Unnamed Pegasus father
Daydream Silver (mother)
Unnamed unicorn stallion (distant relative)
Hooves Dark amberish gray with dark scarletish gray clefts
Magic aura Moderate persian blue with black sparks
Brilliant vermilion (alternate universe)
Cutie mark
A Lord Atronnus dark cutie mark ID
A Lord Atronnus past cutie mark ID
Owner User:Bleck11
Lord Atronnus is a male Pegasus and antagonist of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fandom. He is a former royal guard who seeks to rule over Equestria and the adoptive father of Sunlight Sparkler. He is later banished to Tartarus by Lord Tirek, but escapes during the events of My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.

Development and design

Lord Atronnus early version

Concept art of Lord Atronnus.

His name is a portmanteau of "atro", meaning "dark and black", which comes from the Latin "ater", and the Latin word "tyrannus", meaning "tyrant". Lord Atronnus was inspired by Megatron from Transformers Prime, Scar from The Lion King, and Bowser from the Super Mario video game series.

Lord Atronnus is a dark cerulean Pegasus with a blue spiky mane and tail and a cutie mark of a purple sun with two stars—one black, one light blue. Unlike regular Pegasus wings, which are feathered, Atronnus' wings are bat-like and non-feathered. He has sharp teeth with two visible fangs and cloven hooves unlike other ponies, gold irises, and purple lightning-themed stripes on his legs. When he turns into a shadow, he appears as an amorphous black and blue cloud, with only his head or eyes visible.

In his original form, he has a bluish gray coat and a cutie mark of a blue and white shimmering sun with a yellow four-pointed star. Part of his original cutie mark is similar to the sun cutie mark of Sunset Shimmer. During a battle with Princess Celestia, he gains a scar and becomes blind on his left eye. Young Atronnus was designed by SilverRomance.

Lord Atronnus is larger than most ponies, with four exceptions being Princess Celestia, Nightmare Moon, Trouble Shoes, and Steel Buns, who are about the same size.

The alternate universe version of Atronnus has a smooth mane and tail. He is a unicorn instead of a Pegasus, and he still has bluish gray coat instead of dark cerulean. He wears black armor, similar to that of the alternate King Sombra's royal guards.



As a royal guard

Atronnus was a member of the royal guard in Canterlot following Princess Luna's banishment to the moon, serving under Princess Celestia, who desired to become the captain of the royal guard in order to gain more power.

At one point, Atronnus managed to find Star Swirl the Bearded's personal library, where he found the Star Spear, and kept it for himself. After learning about its capabilities following a conversation with Celestia, unaware that he had previously stolen it from Star Swirl's library, Atronnus decided to use the Star Spear, thinking that it would increase his potential as a royal guard.

During the weeks that followed, Atronnus grew resentful toward Celestia for repeatedly refusing to promote him to captain of the royal guard due to his unkind and dishonest ways, eventually deciding to turn against her and take over Equestria, believing himself to be more worthy of ruling the kingdom.

Soon after, Atronnus attempted to overthrow Celestia with a group of ponies and fought her using the Star Spear. However, he was defeated by the princess, losing the Star Spear in the process, and his left eye was scarred and blinded during the battle. As punishment for his crime, Celestia removed Atronnus from his position as a royal guard and banished him from Canterlot.

Finding the Element of Darkness

Later, Atronnus discovered the Element of Darkness in the Everfree Forest. Drawn to its power, Atronnus touched and fused with the artifact, and a dark magic aura transformed him into a new dark form, granting him dark magical powers and abilities. He gained a darker coat, bat-like wings, cloven hooves, sharp teeth, and his cutie mark became darker. With his newfound powers, Atronnus decided to use it to conquer Equestria and get revenge on Princess Celestia. Some time later, after wandering throughout Equestria, Atronnus unknowingly found the Eternal Flower and, curious about the taste of the strange flower, licked and drank its nectar, granting him immortality.

Gathering followers

As he conquered various places during his travels across the world, Atronnus assembled numerous followers consisting of various creatures and ponies to serve him, which formed into an army. Eventually, Atronnus and his followers settled down in the Forest of Leota, where they built the Castle of the Dark Pegasus.


In present day, Lord Atronnus generally operates in secret (off-screen), planning various ways to take over Equestria.

Season one

(some of the stories below may be changed and removed later)

Some time prior to the events of Friendship is Magic, part 1, Atronnus encounters Nightmare Moon in his dreams, who, after learning about his past, proposes that they work together to overthrow Princess Celestia. Having a common goal, Atronnus agrees to assist Nightmare Moon after she returns from her banishment on the moon. As she leaves his dreams, Atronnus plots to betray her once she rule Equestria and take over the kingdom. During the events of the episode, Atronnus looks at the moon as he awaits the return of Nightmare Moon on the day of the Summer Sun Celebration.

During the events of Friendship is Magic, part 2, when Twilight Sparkle and her friends ApplejackFluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity set out to find the Elements of Harmony, Lord Atronnus orders his minions to follow and spy on them through the Everfree Forest. Inside the Castle of the Two Sisters, Atronnus secretly watches in his shadow form as Nightmare Moon shatters the stone orbs in front of Twilight and the other five ponies arrives. After overhearing Twilight's speech, Atronnus witnesses the Elements of Harmony being used by the Mane Six to defeat Nightmare Moon, much to his surprise.

Following Celestia's reunion with her younger sister Princess Luna, Atronnus confronts the Mane Six and the princesses before they leave the castle. Twilight asks after his identity, and he introduces himself. He then reveals his intentions and proclaims that the six ponies will pay for having been in his way, and leaves as a shadow. Some time later, Princess Celestia tell Twilight Sparkle and her friends the history of Lord Atronnus.

Prior to the events of Dragonshy, Atronnus pays a dragon a large bunch of treasures and proposes it to move to a cave at the top of a mountain so it will create smoke to disrupt the skies of Equestria when its sleeping in order to weaken the defense of the kingdom.

During the events of A Dog and Pony Show, while looking after gems for themself, Atronnus hires the Diamond Dogs to find gems for him as well. Later, after discovering that the dogs has given away all of the gems they found, including those they collected for him, due to Rarity's whining, Atronnus becomes furious and punishes them.

Season two

During the events of The Return of Harmony Part 1 and Part 2, Atronnus encounters Discord after he escaped from his stone prison and proposes a deal; if Discord allows him to rule over Equestria after Twilight Sparkle and her friends are defeated, Atronnus will let him do as he pleases in the kingdom without anyone interfering. Seeing no problem with this alliance, Discord accepts. After Discord is defeated and turned back into stone, Atronnus confronts the Mane Six and proclaims that it's not over, then leaves in his shadow form.

During the events of Luna Eclipsed, Atronnus secretly follows Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna, as they attempts to change Luna's frightening demeanor, in order to see how much she has changed since their last encounter. After Princess Luna scares Rainbow Dash off, Atronnus watches her from a distance and states that "she has changed", then walks away.

Prior to the events of A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1, Lord Atronnus forms an alliance with Queen Chrysalis due to their similar intentions and assists her in capturing Princess Cadance in order to infiltrate and take over Canterlot. Later during the events of A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2, as Chrysalis and the changelings are invading Canterlot, Atronnus and his minions, inside the caves beneath Canterlot, prepares to join them in attacking the city. However, when Chrysalis and all of the changelings are defeated by the power of Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's joint spell, which repels them out of Canterlot, Atronnus and his minions, not wanting to risk receiving the same fate as Chrysalis, retreats from Canterlot's underground caves.

Between seasons two and three

A Nightmare Rarity in Lord Atronnus dream

Lord Atronnus having a vision of Nightmare Rarity.

At one point, Atronnus hears about Chrysalis' fate in The Return of Queen Chrysalis from one of his guards. When the guard asks if they shall assist her, Atronnus remarks that he's "done with that hideous she-bug". Later while asleep, Atronnus has a vision in his dream of a dark figure resembling Nightmare Moon. After waking up from his sleep, Atronnus wonders who he saw in his vision was and what it means.

Season three

During the events of The Crystal Empire - Part 1 and Part 2, after hearing about the return of the Crystal Empire, Atronnus intends to invade and conquer it and travels to the empire with a group of his minions. Later, Atronnus and his minions encounters King Sombra while blocked from entering the Crystal Empire, due to Princess Cadance's magical barrier. As Sombra attacks them, Atronnus retaliates by creating a dark tornado, which repels Sombra.

When the barrier surrounding the empire starts to fade, Lord Atronnus attempts to enter the Crystal Empire with his minions, but is surrounded and blinded by King Sombra's shadow form. While his minions are unable to enter the Empire before the barrier rises again, Atronnus manages to get inside and follows Twilight Sparkle and Spike into the Crystal Castle in order to locate and destroy the Crystal Heart, the artifact that is able to protect the Crystal Empire. When Twilight and Spike find the Crystal Heart at the top of the castle's central tower, Atronnus attempts to fly over the staircase to the top of the tower, but is stopped by Sombra's black crystals, which blocks his way. Eventually, Atronnus is blasted out of the Crystal Empire by the power of the Crystal Heart in a flash of light as Sombra is defeated, much to his horror.

During the events of Too Many Pinkie Pies, Atronnus watches as a small army of Pinkie Pies hops out of the Everfree Forest, leaving him confused.

Prior to the events of Magic Duel, Atronnus confronts Trixie at Pinkie Pie's family rock farm and offers to explain how she can become stronger if she promises to dispose of Twilight Sparkle. Trixie, feeling vengeful toward Twilight, accepts and Atronnus tells her about the Alicorn Amulet, but excludes the fact that the amulet will corrupt her. Later during the events of the episode, as the ponies cheer at Twilight's victory against Trixie after their second magic duel, Atronnus confronts them and expresses his disappointment in Trixie for failing to defeat Twilight and declares that they "haven't seen the last of [him]", and leaves.

During the events of Keep Calm and Flutter On, Lord Atronnus, not wanting him to join his enemies, attempts to prevent Discord from being reformed. After Fluttershy leaves Discord alone in her cottage, Atronnus confronts his former ally and suggests Discord to think of a way to trick the Mane Six into not using the Elements of Harmony so they will be unable to defeat any of them and "spoil [his] fun" again, leaving him thinking. Later, Atronnus secretly watches as Discord makes Fluttershy promise to not use the Element of Kindness, much to his delight. However, when Discord, much to Atronnus' displeasure, decides to reverse everything he did after finally understanding the magic of friendship and put his magic to good use "most of the time", Atronnus states that Discord has fallen for Fluttershy's kindness and is no longer of any use, then flies away.

During the events of Magical Mystery Cure, after Twilight Sparkle's coronation as the newest Alicorn princess, one of Lord Atronnus' Pegasus guards, having observed the coronation, flies to the Castle of the Dark Pegasus and informs him about the event. Surprised, Atronnus states that it's time to change his plans.

Between seasons three and four

An alternate universe version of Atronnus serves as one of the alternate King Sombra's royal guards who seeks to protect the kingdom and its citizens from the alternate Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. He also attempts to arrest the alternate Mane Six and Spike, who are wanted criminals, and is referred to as "Sir Atronnus" by the alternate Applejack. Unlike the original Lord Atronnus, alternate Atronnus is a unicorn, not a Pegasus.

Season four


Depiction in the films

# # Title Ending
1 01 My Little Pony Equestria Girls Same as the movie goes. (1985-09-28)Same as the original episode. (1985-09-28) (1989-09-09)
After Twilight Sparkle told her friends about her time in the human world with Sunset Shimmer, a unicorn member of Lord Andros' army, having spied on their whole conversation, quickly runs off to the Everfree Castle and tells Lord Andros what he heard. Lord Andros asks if there is still possible to enter that world, but his unicorn guard informs him that the portal to the other world has been closed and won't open before "thirty" moons. Andros is disappointed hearing the news, but states that it doesn't matter and that their time will soon come (while displaying an evil grin).


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The Mane Six

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 "Everything's not fair, is it? You see, I am an important member of the guards and I have better things to do than taking care of your small problems. So get lost!"
— The Rise of Lord Atronnus
"Soon Equestria will go into a new rule. Then everypony will bow before me."
— The Rise of Lord Atronnus
"You know, this was easy. No wonder your sister thought she could defeat you."
— Referring to Nightmare Moon, The Rise of Lord Atronnus
Lord Tirek: I see that the power of my Element of Darkness has grown strong in you, impressive. Now its time I take it back, along with all of your magic!
Lord Atronnus: [laughing] Do you really think I will let you steal my powers and rule over Equestria? NEVER! Only I shall rule the kingdom, so your time ends now, Tirek!
— Lord Atronnus and Tirek during Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2
"Underestimating you was a mistake. I admit that. Which reminds me, we still have a score to settle, don't we?!"
— To Tirek in Tartarus during Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2
"I should have known you and your friends would attempt to disrupt my plan, Twilight Sparkle!"
— To Twilight Sparkle in The Lord of the Discord - Part 1
"Tirek? That bearded centaur? Don't compare me to him!"
— To Rainbow Dash in The Lord of the Discord - Part 1


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