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Lord Trixmort

Lord Trixmort

Kind Alicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Dark Lord
Eyes Red
Mane Black and red
Coat Black
Lord Trixmort is an Alicorn Colt and the leader of a dark group who aided Nightmare Moon.



Lord Trixmort has a black coat and a red and black mane and short tail. He has black bat wings.

Helping Nightmare Moon

Lord Trixmort and his dark group were having a secret meeting when they heard about Luna turning into Nightmare Moon. He left at once and flew to find her. He found Luna and Celestia arguing in their Castle and seen Celestia use the Elements of Harmony against Nightmare Moon. He uses a spell so it looks like she's been sent away but hadn't.

They then started planing attacks on various Kingdoms. These attacks caused the fall of the Paradise Island and the ruining of others. The people only knew Trixmort and his supporter Red Danger and his other supporters were behind the attacks and the fact about Nightmare Moon was hidden from the ponies apart from the Royal Guard and the leaders.

Nightmare Moon returned to the castle of the two sisters to fight her sister Celestia. This time, Celestia succeeds in defeating Nightmare Moon and Trixmort appears in time to see this and uses magic to destroy some of the castle turning it into the ruins. Celestia escapes just before a piece of rubble can land on her. Trixmort looks on and vows he will defeat her one day.

Using Red Danger's powers

Trixmort returned to his castle and planed ways to get more followers. One of his followers, Red Danger told him of her powers to have the appearance and the powers of another being. He used this against ponies such as Candy Floss (see Toxic Candy/Floss Candy) and even once used this to take control of the Crystal Empire by kidnapping Princess Cadence and Shining Armour and getting Red Danger to turn herself and him into them.

Kidnapping the Elements of Laughter and Kindness

The Mane Six had to go to the Crystal Empire so Twilight could meet up with Cadence and Shining Armour (Red Danger and Trixmort). They are greeted by *Cadence* and Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity follow her. Fluttershy notices a some animals in a dark alley and goes to save them, dragging Pinkie Pie along with her aswell. As they enter the dark alley, Toxic Candy and Trixmort appear out of the shadows, setting up a trap to get revenge on Fluttershy. Toxic is about to let Pinkie Pie go but Trixmort says she's a witness and grabs hold of them and teleports to a secret room inside the Crystal castle.

Twilight notices their absence and wonders where they are. *Shining Armour* appears and greets Twilight. 

More coming soon :)

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