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Cutie Mark

Tied Scroll and Quill


Polished Marble (M Earth Pony, Father) Over Draft (F Unicorn, Mother) Turn Table (M Earth Pony, Brother)

Lulubell is a cream colored unicorn with a rust colored mane and cream streaks. She can often be found visting Ponyville's library. Lulubell tends to be introverted but has a small group of friends that she feels comfortable with. Her special talent is writing and she plans to publish a novel (if she can ever finish one). She admires Twilight Sparkle a great deal but her admiration is from afar. She has never approached her idol outside of borrowing books. She has a marefriend named Graphite and plans on having foals in the future.


Lulubell was born in Manehatten. The family moved when Lulubell was still younger to Ponyville where her father hoped to find a job. Her father was a light blue earth pony with a rusty mane who specialized in architecture and her mother was a cream unicorn with a white mane who worked in banking. After Lulubell and Turn Table had grown up and moved from their home, Lulubell's parents moved to back Manehatten.

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