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Lunar Sparkle

Princess Lunar Sparkle Unsure

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Blue
Mane Dark Blue Fading Into Pink
Coat Pinkish Purple and Blue Wings
Nicknames Lunar
Relatives Oculus Galaxy (Mother)
Cutie mark
Lunar Sparkle Cutie Mark
Lunar Sparkle is a pegasus mare.


Lunar Sparkle grew up in a foster home after abondoned by her mother. The other kids made fun of Lunar for her wings, which were multi-colored and how her hair is weird. Lunar dreamed everynight of meeting a family, someone who loved her, thus Princess Luna visited her dreams telling her that it will be okay.

As she grew up, Lunar wasn't adopted so did the only thing she knew to do, fly. It is later revealed that Lunar Sparkle is the biological daughter of Oculus Galaxy.




Autumn Somber





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