Pony Info
How'd I get so awesome? Lazy evaluation, baby. Lazy evaluation.


Magic Monad





Cutie Mark

An arcane rune of lambda magic


The magic of monads

Magic Monad is an OC pony. She is a charcoal black unicorn, with flaming red hair, and a strange and ancient rune as her cutie mark. On her front-left hoof, she wears a magical bangle that, it's rumoured, aids her in performing weird, mystical rituals.


Magic Monad is "that girl". You know the one. The sort of girl you would meet one night in some underground club, so hot, so mysterious, so... exotic. The sort of girl who would do things that you're not even sure have names, that you're pretty sure are illegal almost anywhere. Even her kinks have kinks. She always likes new friends. Or followers. Most are scared away by her wild ways, her radical ideas. The way she works is unlike most ponies. But, if you can stick through the rough, and get her, really get her, you'll see the charm of her elegance, her succinct nature.

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