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I Can't Believe You Would Stoop So Low And Join Void. - Marcie To Senka
Marcie Summer

Marcie Summer
Marcie Summer, The Fire Element

Filly Marcie
Marcie as a Filly

Demon Marcie Summer
Alternate Universe Marcie

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation The Fire Element Pony
Eyes Brilliant Indigo
Mane Vivid Crimson with Light Rose Stripes
Coat Brilliant Gold
Nicknames Marcie
Relatives Ms. Peachbottom (Mother)
Magic Aura Brilliant Indigo
Cutie mark
A Cutie Mark
Owner User:Lunaflaire
Marcie Summer is a female unicorn pony and the daughter of Ms. Peachbottom.


Marcie was born in Mustangia with her mother Chickadee Peachbottom. She does not know who her father is, but longs to find him. She and her mother often go on trips around Equestria where she meets Lori.

Gaining Her Fire Ability

Marcie accidentally bumps into Lori while on a trip with her mom, and The Book of Spells falls out of Lori's saddle bag. Marcie picks up the book, when trying to return it Ms. Peachbottom, her mom, tells Marcie to come before she get the chance. That night Marcie is looking through the book, Marcie's horn glows fliping to
Fire parasprite

Flame, Marcie's Guide

the page of the fire element. She then casts the spell, giving her the ability to fire related things. She finds Lori the next day returning the book to her. Azura, Lori's wind element guide, realizes the Marcie is The Fire Element. Lori and Marcie are shocked as Flame, Marcie's guide appears. Lori and Marcie soon become friends.


Marcie is a rebelious pony with a lot of energy. She also deals with anger management issues, which isn't always the best since she is the fire element. Flame often helps Marcie with her anger.

Powers and Abilities


Since her mother was an earth pony, Marcie rarely learned any magic as a child. She eventually learn some spells and is at the level that normal unicorns are at.


Macie is maybe the only pony known to have used the fire element. After performing an ancient spell in The Book of Spells, she gained the ability to shoot powerful fire balls from her horn. She can also perform one ability, which enables her to transform into pure fire, though this is used rarely since ir drain all of her powers.


Lori Thunderswirl von Hurricane

Lori and Marcie are shown to be best friends with each other. 

Galaxy Star




Delightful Sunshine



With Marcie's hot temper and Flora's calm soul, the two can be we awkward together. Marcie also has a lot of respect for Flora as she has help Marcie with controling her anger.




  • Marcie was a gift from Bleck11
  • She was originally the rival of Shrove Ash before given to me
  • She was also evil before given to me
  • She has the mane design of Trixie and the tail design of Sunset Shimmer Though she is not related to them
  • She was the second pony to be named of The Book of Spells ponies


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