Pony Info
Marked Target Pose
A pony just beginning to learn his trade as a superhero.


Marked "Mark" Target



Pony Type

Earth Pony


Created by TJbrena.

Raised by a rich and highly eccentric father after his mother died giving birth to him, Marked Target was raised as any of his ancestors would have been, regardless of his father's billionaire status. His Cutie mark is the same one stallions of his family have had for generations, one symbolizing their devotion to the defense of Equestria and its citizens, earned more through epiphany than action.

The day he graduated from high school, Marked Target enlisted in the Royal Equestrian Army, military service being in his blood. He earned two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star during the later stages of War in Iroan, and was inducted into the elite Solar Sabers. He served for another two tours before he withdrew to the reserves.

Upon returning to civilian life in New Yoke City, his father, Hard Target, refused to give him any sort of job at Target Enterprises, a megacorporation responsible for the production of a massive variety of products. Desperate for income, Mark became a janitor at an inner city public school.

Recently, an X-ray machine at his dentist's catastrophically malfunctioned, pelting him with a concentrated dose of radiation. Unable to afford expensive medical tests on his meager income, he returned to his run-down apartment and slept the rest of the day. He was awoken by a phone call that night informing him of his father's murder during a violent heist perpetrated by Inkamena "The Black Death" Pie and an unknown griffon accomplice later to terrorize Manehattan on her own as "Talonetta".

After his father's funeral, he met the sympathetic Gilda Gizzard, who unbeknownst to him was his father's murderer. The two hit it off, spending a considerable amount of time talking before they formally began dating.

Upon heading back to his apartment, Mark was assaulted by seven thugs, all of whom he unintentionally killed with his newfound powers.


  • Pyrokinesis
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced speed
  • Near-invulnerability
  • Weak against cold

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