Markus strutting his stuff.







Cutie Mark



Markus the Chaotic Pegasus


Markus is a pony who panics but always thinks of ways out of his problems. He's timid a lot, but, unlike Fluttershy, he will stand his ground (mostly against Shrike). He is always having to save his sister Suzanny, as she usually gets in over her head. He is always willing to help a kind soul and will never be rude without his own thought up reasons. Even with best intentions, he usually screws up and throws everything out of order, gaining him the nickname "the Chaotic Pegasus" and his fireball cutie mark. He loves food and constantly does stupid stuff for it.


Markus was the first born of his parents two children. He was born in Hoofington a poor pony, barely able to get money. Then, a pony was captured by a dragon. He vowed to save her and successfully did. He gained a moderate sum of cash. He and his family are now residing in Phillydelphia where he constantly meets new problems and adventures everyday.

Other Info

Sister: Suzanny

Arch-enemy: Shrike

Food: Everything

Video Game: Hay-Life 2, NeoPonies

Music: Mareoon 5, Elvis Pony

Quote: "Heh heh, ehhhh.... I don't know who messed up everything... heh.. heh."

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