Mastermind 1
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Detective, scientist, psychic investigator
Eyes Hazel
Mane Yellow
Coat Green
Nicknames Superbrains, Mind
Relatives Unknown. Was found by Celestia and adopted by the Pie family.
Personality Random and crazy, but smart
Hometown: Ponyville
Cutie mark
Mastermind's Mark

Mastermind's cutie mark.

Voice A guy named Logan
Owner RainbowPuppy2

Early Life

Mastermind was shy as a young child, but as he grew up, he couldn't stop talking. He was adopted by the Pie family and looked up to his sister Pinkie Pie. She was his only color he had.


His talent is being smart. He is amazing at magic too.


He is clumsy at times, and sometimes a little arrogant, maybe even accidentally bragging.

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