Sibling Blame
"Stop that right now!"

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Screw the rules. Who wants some chaos? I know I do! What about you?

–Midnight Bakula

Princess Midnight Bakula

Midnight Bakula New ID

Midnight Bakula EQG

Kind Draconequus/Alicorn hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation Heir to the Throne (Night)
Eyes Brilliant red
Mane Moderate blue violet

Dark azure
Dark gray

Coat Bluish gray

Moderate azure stripes

Nicknames Midnight, Bakula, MB, Baku, Middy
Relatives Princess Luna (mother)

Discord (father)
Princess Celestia (aunt)

Magic Color Vivid red
Draconequus Features Moderate amaranth wings and horns

Very dark grey hoof

Cutie mark
Voice Charlyne Yi
Owner PastelKitty101

Midnight Bakula is a grayish and light blue draconequus/alicorn hybrid who is the only daughter of Princess Luna and Discord. She is the Heir to the Throne, but she really doesn't want to be a princess. The only pony that understands her, is her marefriend, Blazing Miku.

Characteristics and Biography

Midnight Bakula uses magic in her horns. She usually uses alicorn magic and chaotic magic, magic she learned from both her parents. She mostly learned to fly on her own. Her magic, compared to Blazing Miku, Princess Luna, and Discord, is weaker.

Midnight Bakula, unlike Blazing Miku, is completely fine with showing her "alicorn-ness". However, her parents don't let her go out often.


Midnight Bakula isn't shy at all. She is very open minded and believes in freedom. She is a bit of a rebel, since she doesn't like rules. She is also a bit cocky. Sometimes, she can be really unpleasant, especially if she's in a bad mood.

Similar to her father, she can be mischievous. She likes pulling pranks on ponies.

Despite this, however, Midnight Bakula has self-esteem issues, like her marefriend. She seems to switch between happy and depressed often, so she has mood swings often.


Midnight Bakula is a grayish draconequus/alicorn hybrid. Her eyes are a vivid red, and they're shaped like Twilight's. She mainly has light blue stripes, except for her left backleg, which has light blue circles. Her mane is dark yellow, dark light blue, and purple. The purple part of her mane as stars. Her tail is like a cat tail, except with a tuff at the end. The tuff has her mane colors. She has a tuff on her ears.

For her draconequus parts, her wings and horns are a grayish red. Her horns are curved around her ear. She has a paw on her right hoof and she has a cloven hoof on her left backhoof.






  • She was adopted by LightzGc.
  • She is a lesbian.
  • The Bakula part of her name means to lie in one's throat or to lie in one's eyes.